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Im looking for a doctor anywhere in the US, but I suspect the best would be located in NY or california , so thats where Im targeting my search

I had a BAD rhinoplasty and need to correct it this summer.
I have trouble breathing and ear congestion.

SO i need your help, (I know no one to give : recomenedations)
Im looking for someone to return my nose to it's original width and size

WHo are the best doctors for secondary rhinoplasty?
Rollin daniel(Ca.)

Jack Gunter (Tx.)

Mark Constantian ( New Hampshire)

Dean toriumi (Ill)

start with these guys
You should add to your list:

Dr. Davis in Miami, Florida. I have heard from several people who had revisions with him that he literally "saved" their noses. He is both an ENT and a plastic surgeon. I have seen a few of his noses on a different message board and they look really good.

Best wishes.
I heard someone complaining that Jack Gunter screwed up her nose here
Valdemar Ascencio, MD, Laguna Hills, CA
I also had a bad rhinoplasty. I am also currently looking for a revision. I've heard that Dr. Becker (Sewell, NJ) is the best on the east coast. Everyone is raving about him all over the internet. plus he teaches courses at U-Penn (excellent school) and has his own sinus center. Im dying to go see him, however he doesn't take my insurance and I hear he's real pricy and I just don't have the money right now :( I hear ya about the breathing... that's my problem as well. I would just like to be able to breathe normally again. Stay away from Dr. Tobias (NYC/NJ) and Dr. Romo (NYC). Tobias did the original rhinoplasty, and I had a consultation with Romo but heard awful stuff about him afterwards, so I backed out. Good luck and keep us posted.
The two most well known surgeons for revisions in Calif. are Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Rollin Daniel. I met with both Dr.'s and ultimately chose Dr. Nassif. He performed a very difficult revision of 4.5 hours for me. He has a great eye and is used to dealing with all kinds of different nose problems. My revision came our very well and all my nose issues have been corrected.

Take care,

It might be worth knowing that Dr. Becker was trained by Dr. Toriumi. I'm guessing that that means that they are both good. I know Dr. Toriumi is good because he fixed my nose. I am very happy now. All the insecurities and wonders about my nose are finally gone. :) (I had a primary and first revision by Dr. Tobias - NJ).
thanx so much for everyone's advise. i have my appointment with dr. tobias and tabbal in ny. and i plan to see dr. toriumi in chicago and dr. nassif in california. i am just worried about the distance. i would really rather be close to home, but it seems like everyone is recommending doctors outside of ny. is there any other good ones??
There arent very good reconstruction surgeons in NYC... I had a botched rhino with tabbal, and Ive been traveling to consult. The only doc in ny is quatela in rochester.
He is definitely worth a consult.
hi Elle, I am wondering if I can get in touch with you about your Toriumi revision? I am considering him for my revision, but have not been able to correspond with many patients of his who are happy. best, sloan
I have also had an unsatisfactory rhinoplasty, with my nose looking more asymmetrical than even before two surgeries. I live in Europe and was wondering if anyone has advice on who the best revision surgeon on this side of the Atlantic might be.
Dr. Toby Mayer hands down. I had 2 unsuccessful surgeries, one by Jack Gunter. Dr. Mayer pretty much performed a miracle for me and I would urge you to at least have a consultation with him.
Hi, good luck. Having rhinoplasty was the worst mistake I've ever made. I heard of Dr. Steve Hoefflin in Santa Monica. I got his name as a referral from one of the Extreme Make-over surgeons. I wish you the best.

I also had a rhinoplasty that went bad from dr. george h. brennan in newport beach. I'm stilll looking for a good surgeon. Does anyone know of Calvert or doctor andrew frankel?
Hi! I had a bad rhinplasty with dr. georgr h. brennan and needed a secondary rhinoplasty. I noticed that you saw both nassif and daniels. What made you decide to go with nassif over daniels and how did you hear about either of those doctors? Have you heard of Jay Calvert or ANdrew Frankel?
I have had 4 surgeries to correct a broken nose and my nose looks worse than before. I have collapsed cartilage, bumps on my nose left over from a bad nose job, pinched tip and am having problems breathing.

I'm trying to decide if Dr. Toriumi is the best but I simply don't know. Has anyone had a good result with any rev. docs. Please help. I also hear Dr. Davis' before and afters of revision rhinoplasty are impressive. Can anyone give me a hint as to where to find these pictures. I have tried searching with no luck. Thanks
I've had my nose done six times now due to various reasons. I was really REALLY happy after my second rhinoplasty though got it banged afterwards pretty hards and some excess bone grew back. I then went to a Dr Ellenbogen in Los Angeles and he completely and utterly changed my nose from curvy and cute to straight and knobbly! I was so upset I literally fainted when I saw it... please BEWARE anyone who considers him, don't bother. He's did an awful job of my nose and doesn't listen to what it is you want atall.

Anyway, I then had to have it revised though couldn't afford to go abroad again so had it done by someone here in the UK, who didn't do a very good job. Anyway the last surgeon I went to was Dr Toby Mayer, although he hasn't completely botched it up, its not the way I wanted it, I just want it back the way it used to be. Though he's put a graft of ear cartilage to the underneath of my tip... which I desperately want removing so my nose goes up more like it used to.

I've looked at so many web sites on revision rhinoplasty... and I know you CAN'T just trust the sites themselves... because at the end of the day its all about selling themselves! And if you look at Ellenbogens website you'll see why i was duped into thinking he was the best revision surgeon for me!

I want a surgeon who will listen to what 'I' want, and someone who's extremely skilled because as I say I've had my nose done six times now, so its going to be alot harder!

I want a sugeon who's very good at revision surgery, though also who is experienced in respect to being able to create 'cute' noses, as opposed to just adding cartilage and making curved noses into straight ones... like so many photos I see on web sites.

I hope someone can help me.

Its so frustrating and I'm in so much debt now because f having to have my nose redone due to bad surgeries and surgeons who are either just not skilled enough or who haven't listened to me!

Dr. Steven Dayan. (IL)
Dr. Howard Tobin, Abilene, Texas, is a cosmetic surgeon for 30 years. He is certified on 3 boards. I am delighted with the blepharoplasty he performed on my eyes last week. Please inquire of him if he might be able to help you.
Hi I had a revision rhinoplasty with dr. andrew frankel and had a wonderful result
I just had Rhino reconstruction by Dr Robert Freund in NY and he did a fantastic job.
Hi I have seen Dr. Dennenberg's work. Click onto his website and check out the tutorials. I would not trust anyone else.
i just had my primary rhino done 2 days ago by dr denenberg in omaha on jan 5, 2006. i did TONS of research and i'm VERY happy i went with him. he told me during the consultation that about 3/4 of the surgeries he does are rhinoplasties, and about 70% of those are revisions. he said rhinoplasty is by far the hardest facial surgery to perform, but that he loves the challenge. he told me he has done over 1,500 rhinoplasties. he is a self-proclaimed perfectionist, which is exactly what you would want in a surgeon. he said he usually only does one surgery per day because of how long it takes. he took 3 and a half hours to do mine (from the time i was out to when i woke up) and said that he has taken as long as 6 hours for one nose. he's definitely not the cheapest surgeon out there, but i truly believe you get what you pay for. i can already see a huge improvement in my nose. i have 5 more days until i get the splint removed.
buckeyestate... if you can, go with Nassif here in LA, he's a perfectionist. He did an amazing job on my difficult nose. I posted a comment about it in "Any unsatisfactory experiences w/ Dr. Nassif?" thread.
buckeyestate- I'm so sorry to hear your horror story. That's one of the main fears of surgery I have- exactly what you described.

I need a revision rhinoplasty and met with Dr. Pearlman in NYC today. I liked him. He did take digital photos and then did computer imaging and I kind of liked the results. He was clear that with a revision, he can't know exactly how it's going to look until he gets in there and sees how much scar tissue is there and what the last dr. actually did. He was very knowledgable and he was ON TIME!!

He said I'll need 7 grafts in my nose, different types of grafts. And to strengthen the tip. He said it would be a 3 1/2 hour surgery.

I have a consultation with Dr. Guida next week.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for revision rhinoplasty surgeons in Manhattan?
Hi had the consult with Pearlman right? what were his fees? was there any rib grafting involved?

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