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I've had my nose done six times now due to various reasons. I was really REALLY happy after my second rhinoplasty though got it banged afterwards pretty hards and some excess bone grew back. I then went to a Dr Ellenbogen in Los Angeles and he completely and utterly changed my nose from curvy and cute to straight and knobbly! I was so upset I literally fainted when I saw it... please BEWARE anyone who considers him, don't bother. He's did an awful job of my nose and doesn't listen to what it is you want atall.

Anyway, I then had to have it revised though couldn't afford to go abroad again so had it done by someone here in the UK, who didn't do a very good job. Anyway the last surgeon I went to was Dr Toby Mayer, although he hasn't completely botched it up, its not the way I wanted it, I just want it back the way it used to be. Though he's put a graft of ear cartilage to the underneath of my tip... which I desperately want removing so my nose goes up more like it used to.

I've looked at so many web sites on revision rhinoplasty... and I know you CAN'T just trust the sites themselves... because at the end of the day its all about selling themselves! And if you look at Ellenbogens website you'll see why i was duped into thinking he was the best revision surgeon for me!

I want a surgeon who will listen to what 'I' want, and someone who's extremely skilled because as I say I've had my nose done six times now, so its going to be alot harder!

I want a sugeon who's very good at revision surgery, though also who is experienced in respect to being able to create 'cute' noses, as opposed to just adding cartilage and making curved noses into straight ones... like so many photos I see on web sites.

I hope someone can help me.

Its so frustrating and I'm in so much debt now because f having to have my nose redone due to bad surgeries and surgeons who are either just not skilled enough or who haven't listened to me!


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