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No No No to Dr. Tobias. He did my rhinoplasty in 1999. My nose only looked SLIGHTLY better and I realized right away that something with my breathing was definitely off. I went back to him about 5 times for post-op visits, and he always acted very rushed with me. I asked him why my nose still looked the same.... after the first few months, he said it was swelling. Then, after almost a year, he admitted to me, "Well, yes, your nose is a little bigger than you or I would have liked..." Everyone kept telling me it looked the same as before. I was sooo bummed. Plus, I couldnt breathe right. I went back to him (very shortly after the surgery) and said "I can't really breathe well." He took a look and said, "I don't see anything." I really, really believe this was a lie, since other doctors take a quick look up there and see right away that things are deviated and "off." Dr. Romo in NYC told me yesterday that I have a slight deviation, a valve collapse (due to too much cartiledge being removed), and a "turbinate" problem. He said all of these things are a result of the rhinoplasty. My father wants me to go after Tobias to recoop the cost of the second surgery, but I think that it's too late for that already (I think in NJ the time limit for those kinds of things are 2 years). Anyway, I am really hoping to get to go to Dr. Becker. He doesnt take my insurance but I really dont care, even if the price is high. I want to breathe normally again, no matter how much it costs!! Plus I want to make sure it gets done RIGHT the first time. Id rather pay Becker like $15K let's say, than pay someone else $7K and have to do a third surgery for $7K!!!

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