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Re: Dr. Tobias?
May 7, 2005
Hi. I have to be careful with my words so that I don't say anything that could get me in trouble.... As of right now, I have serious breathing problems that have been confirmed by other doctors to be a direct result of the rhinoplasty I had in 1999. I did not have these problems before that surgery. Anyway, about a week or two after surgery, I noticed a huge (bad) difference in my breathing. I told him at that point, "I can't breathe." He looked up there and said "I don't see anything." I have gone to two other doctors since then: one ENT doctor and Dr. Romo, who is a plastic surgeon in NYC. They both looked up there and saw several different problems. Let's just say that I find it hard to believe that Tobias didn't see anything. So, therefore, since my problems are a result of that rhinoplasty, I would rather put my trust into another doctor to fix the problem. I would not feel comfortable going back to the same doctor who did the surgery that caused my problems. Therefore, I did not ask him for any kind of fixes.

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