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I am currently seeking a primary rhinoplasty (male), this was my 2nd consultation.

Very nice office, great staff. Dr. Tabbal will speak to you in the room about what you want done, then take digital pictures, discuss the price (10,000), and finally, use a computer program to show you your new nose.

Overall I really liked him (I have heard mixed reviews of the final result) - but my surgery is really simple enough that not much could go wrong. Nonetheless, I did make specific requests to him when he was manipulating the nose in the computer program and he had trouble accepting my point of view. For example, I told him I thought he was doing too much, because I want it to be so conservative you can hardly tell the difference. He said "No, I like the nose as it is right now". In the end it looked good, but as I started to think about it that day, I decided I would need to go back for a 2nd consultation (despite being pretty much set on going to him). I am going to go back in a few weeks just to further spell out exactly what I want done (at no cost) - and hopefully he will understand my concerns.

Some other good info - he does closed rhinoplasty, uses no packing on the nose, just a simple splint that is taken off 2 days post surgery. He suggested about 2 weeks as the amount of time till you can feel completely normal. I liked that he was honest and didn't pretend it took 3 days before you could be back to work.

But...there is always a but...I am starting to have second thoughts. For some reason I don't like the typical "slight upturn" on the end of the nose, and I really prefer my nose the way it is - where it just goes straight down. On the picture he made you can hardly tell, but he does turn it up ever so slightly. He also made me a little nervous because I had gone to Dr. Kalvert who had some great ideas that Tabbal never talked about. For example, I asked Tabbal if he thought my nose had enough definition, as Kalvert told me that I didn't. When I went home from the Kalvert appointment I realized that the end of my nose is very boring and lacks any form of definition. Tabbal said "no, you have nice definition, it's enough". Now I know I said I wanted it to be uber-conservative...but I do think it would be nice to refine the bottom portion of the nose just a bit to give my face some more character. I will discuss that with him at the 2nd consult.

I also went and had medical photographs taken, which he marks up and brings into the OR - I guess that's standard procedure. They were 200 dollars but are included in that 10,000 figure, as is the consultation.

I am now considering going for one more consultation (they are too expensive, it's very annoying how that limits you).

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations? The names I've been kicking around are Imber (who I made an appointment with for June), Godfrey, Pastorek, Aston (I'd really like some info on him), and Matarasso.

Also, does anyone know of good plastic surgeons in Miami/Palm Beach - that might help.

Check out Dr Richard Davis in Miami. He is not as well known as Tabal and the other big wigs, but has succesfully revised many of the big wigs mistakes. He charges half of what they do and is an ENT. Head of the facial plastic surgery department at University of Miami medical center. There are many posts about him at the rhinoplasty 4 you discussion forum. I have consulted with him and schedualed surgery in July. He was very open to my suggestions and spent 2.5 hours consulting with me (stayed till 7pm with me because my flight was late). He does imaging and his consults are free.

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