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hi there,
i HAD this reeeaaaaal tiny bump on my nose that bugged me very much. i finally looked into taking it off. it was sooo small and skin coloured (1mm) but it was on the very tip of my nose and this bugged the helll out of me.

i go to a plastic surgeon after my doctor (very lazy) said its not worth doing and pretty much wouldnt answer any of my other questions about it. so i went to the plastic surgeon and he removed it right on the spot.

he injected something in my nose to freeze the area.

he cut it off with a scalpel

he cauterized the wound

and sent me on my way.

i got to the car and looked and it didnt seem bad. but after closer inspection at home, it looks like he left me with a crater! not a huge one. but noticeable. looks like a chip off my nose. but i had this done two days ago and theres still a scab covering it, so i cant determine what it might look like afterwards. but my question is, do craters fill up when they heal? im really worried about this cuz its on the FRONT of my face. i wont pick the scab to see of course. but i hope my patience pays off. my mole was tiny 1mm and the cut he made was like 3mm. i just hope i dont regret it. any info on how this kind of thing will result?

many thanks,

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