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Has anyone had Dr. Constantian perform a procedure on them or knows someone who has? I would really appreciate the input. Is it safe to say he is one the best in the United States for revision rhinoplasty?

I am having surgery with Dr. Constantian for a revision. I had my consultation with him last month and have two more appointments before my surgery in about 6 weeks. I will be happy to share with you my experience.

So far, I can report that I am impressed with his reputation and professionalism, the staff is very easy to deal with and friendly as well as organized.

Dr. Constantian is a serious, soft-spoken man who explains things well and is quite specific about what he will do and how he will accomplish it. He offers suggestions and asks appropriate questions. He is neither arrogant or short with you as some can be. He does not rush you. Although not humorless, he is rather serious, but kind.

The reason he does closed rhinoplasty is because there is less swelling and an easier recovery. Also, he is a protege of Dr. Sheen, now retired, who was a pioneer in modern closed rhinoplasty.

I will be pleased to share with you images and further information as things progress.


I am very sorry for not replying sooner. I did have my surgery on August 5th. Because my case is so complicated and in depth, I will be scheduling another to finish my tip work this spring. The surgery went very well, I do agree with the previous poster who spoke of Dr. Constantian's personality and professionalism. He is simply "great". He gets to the point and tells you exactly what he can and will accomplish. My nose looks a thousand times better. I had cartilidge removed from my ribs and it was painful but good drugs helped me through it. It did take about a week to recover completely. My nose is now very straight, with good projection and both nostrils are perfectly even. Following surgery, I did have to wear tubes in my nose, it isnt any big deal, and I have to say it probably saved my nostrils from shrinking and collapsing in "again"! I will now need to follow up with a 5th surgery to completely smooth out my tip from previous "bad work". He did his best to give me straightness and open airways. It looks terrific. He says he can improve my tip alot with this last surgery.

To a previous poster, BA is a shortened version of saying Breast Augmentation. Due to my issue with bleeding, I was given a mix of drugs through IV and orally, which Dr. Constantian said worked great! I am not elgible with any other surgeon to have a BA performed because I am considered a risk due to the bleeding, so I consulted with Dr. Constantian for a breast augmentation. I saw his work, he does a very good job, he pays close attention to detail and infection control, preventing issues after the surgery is performed. I will definitely be having a BA alongside my Rhino. I figure I might as well get it done now while I have the chance, he knows my situation and is very caring. FYI, Dr. Constantian was just voted top doc for rhinoplasty alongside Dr. Toriemi and another Doc in Texas, according to the New York Times Best list!! That is a prestigous title to hold...

I hope this helps. I apologize for the misspelling, 4 kids are running around, wreaking havoc!! I am glad I saw Dr. Constantian, my nervousness was definitely there till the minute I was wheeled into the operating room. I will never forget his professionalism, when I received my sleepy drugs and as I was going out, the room was spinning it was cold and very scary, the voice I heard was Dr. Constatian, telling me I was in good hands and that he would take good care of me, not to be scared! That made all the difference, and then to wake up to a very much improved appearance. Any questions feel free to ask!

I had my consultation with Dr Constantian about a month ago. I had my first rhinoplasty after breaking my nose about 14 years ago. I was not happy with the results but I am nervous about having another surgery.

I felt that Dr Constantian is the best surgeon I have met with after yrs of searching and meeting with several surgeons in the boston area. He answered my questions for about an hour and showed my photos of noses he had worked on that were similiar to mine. But his prices are very high (even his consultation fee) that is my biggest problem with him so far. He doesn't accept insurance, you can file it on your own with your insurance company but it is a headache that i won't get into.

He does have a conserative approach (which makes me feel safe) but at the same time I am worried that he does not focus enough on the appearance.

If anyone has had surgery with him before please let me know if you were happy with the results.

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