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Has anyone had a breast lift and implants. Afterwards got an infection! Not in the breasts (very serious) but from the sutures. Like the scar itching and break open a bit! IM FREAKING OUT!!!! Went to my plastic surgeon on slight bed rest til Friday. On atibiotics, and med for the incision. This is my 3rd surgery, my last one i had severe scarring, this is why i had a 3rd done.............long story.........i was a smoker etc. I did quit for this one. A very tramatic experience the 2nd time around, is why i chose a 3rd time! Anywayz, my neighbor said this happened to her, she had a reduction done. It cleared up, and she was fine. Has anyone experienced this? Were the scars horrible? Did you have to take the implants out? I've heard that if you get an infection inside your breasts then you have to have them removed til it clears up. IM FLIPPIN OUT.........................

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