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Has anyone else had a breast lift done, and not healed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or had an infection? Not an infection in the breast, but where the insisions are? I had a lift done....with replacement of implants........done 2 1/2 weeks ago! I have an infection, and the incision is split open and WILL NOT HEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am on total bed rest possibly til mid july! I go back tomorrow to the doc! I am soooo upset, i cant even begin to tell ya. This is my 3rd breast surgery and i had such a tramatic experience last time, this was to fix what happpened! Why am i not healing????????? My body has never been healthier! I quit smoking 3 months ago etc. HELP...............has this happened to anyone else.......and do you know why this happens? Oh, i feel GUILTY as ever, since this is plastic surgery and elective!!!!! I know things can go wrong, but twice!!!!!!
Here in Los Angeles, the doctors use the Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber. To speed up healing and get rid of infection. It infuses your body with oxygen.

Ask your doctor about it!

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