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[QUOTE=greeneyes100]I was asked by another poster to describe my experience with eyelid surgery.

I had both the upper and lower eyelids lifted. My upper eyelids were very hooded and had no crease. I had bags underneath my lower eyelids.

AFter the upper and lower bleph, I now have a crease in my upper eyelids and no bags underneath! The result is very subtle and no one at work hardly noticed. The healing time is approximately 1-1/2 to 2 weeks. Most, if not all, of the swelling is gone in about 3 - 4 days, and then you just have a lot of bruising.

The total cost I paid was $3,000 for everything included.

I'm glad I spent the money. It was a huge boost to my self-esteem, as I was very self-conscious about my puffy eyelids.

Right now I am saving for a full facelift and will probably get this done in about two years. To me, if you can afford it, plastic surgery is worth every penny. It's a huge boost to your self-esteem and it's not just for movie stars anymore.


Thank you so much for posting on this Green Eyes. I can not afford it right now, but it is something I really would love to have done. Where did the Dr put the stitches when they lifted the lower and then upper lids? Is there any visible scars? How much time did you take off from work? Did you feel like it took about 10 years off the way you look? I do not really have any wrinkles, but the puffiness under my eyes really bothers me. How did you find the right person to do your surgery? Do you live on the east coast?
What did your surgeon tell you about when the puffiness my return again? Wlll it be necessary to have it re-done in a few years? Did you know anyone else that had the procedure done?
On one hand I am glad that you said hardly no on from work noticed, but on the other hand if it removed all the puffiness, how could they not notice?
Do you know anything about that so called weekend face lift?
Any info you can share is much appreciated. I really would like to look my best, it just makes me feel better.

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