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At 32, just before I left my first marriage, I had liposuction under my chin, Lower lids, conservative rhinoplasty (shaving of the bump, and complete removal of nasal cartilage to correct wide nose), no breakage of the bridge bone, mid-cheek lift. The results were pleasing. After about 2 years I felt my nostrils looked 'pig like", so I went for "nasal refinement" surgery. This was done while going under local. It was barbaric. The needles used to freeze the nose go right up the nostrils and are horribly painful to tears..painful. During consult, I asked the doctor if something could be done about my fat cheeks, he suggested the removal of the buccal pads. On the morning of surgery, I reconsidered and told him to just do the nose. He said "well your here now..lets just get them both done at the same time". Its a feeling like not wanting to piss of your hairdresser, so I let him do something I had changed my mind about. Next 2 years later July 00, I had more revisional nose surgery (from the original surgeon in Toronto), Dr. Harold Silver. He "filed the bone down" from my bridge that was protrucing slightly. It was not successful. He also gave me lower bleph again..6 months later, almost back to original state. Course rather than a PS tell you CS last up to 10 years, he'll blame the short term change on heredity. And finally at the same time, at the height of my conceit, I agreed to forehead lift surgery. At 38! I have nerve damage somewhere...when I lightly touch the middle of my upper lashes it send a chill up a nerve that reaches my forehead. Do you realize how lucky I was? For what? To remove a tired look? For Who? For me. I was happy for 2 months, then heredity got the best of me again :-) I am still quite pretty, but not nearly half as nice looking as I would have been if I had of aged naturally. Instead PS becomes a kind of obsession for me. How can I replace what they took away? Did it make me love myself anymore? No. Instead I am searching for a way to put back what was stolen. BTW: I had second thoughts about the forehead lift prior to surgery as well, but the doctor convinced me to go ahead with it. Watch out for that. Stick with your gut feeling.
do NOT.....and let me emphasize that again....DO NOT remove your buccal fat pads. a friend of mine did that and she had this hollow, terrible skeletal look. her fat pads turned out to be larger than expected and left indentations in her face when they were taken out. she looks a lot better now after a few visits to a clinic in mexico (they have them in europe and canada as well) that was able to put permanent filler in.....overall though it cost a pretty penny and a lot of emotional distress.

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