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Hey there, I've had 2 operations- I had my ears pinned back, which improved my profile but they are asymmetric and I had alot of jokes about this from my so called friends.
I then had a rhinoplasty op in Jan 1998 under local anaesthetic, as I was very phobic of general anaesthetic.To be fair my GP referred surgeon said rhinoplasty under a local was pretty much unheard of in the Uk and not a good idea but I went ahead and found a surgeon(who was very reputable) who would do this.
My nose, whilst not very bad looks nothing like it should have done and I was quite alot better looking before.
I am considering another operation but as too much of the tip of my nose was removed I don't have much confidence that I'll get it back to how I'd have liked and suit it.My GP referred surgeon said I shouldn't have had an operation in the first place and although it's not a good job I'm hardly ugly and he won't operate.
I can't believe how insecure it's made me, I constantly seek affirmation through one night stands and get incredibly depressed when I don't meet a girl.Really out of order behaviour basically.
I am still considering another op though and I live in the North of England.Anyone in the UK who has had a good revised nose op?
I think in the end I'm just going to have to deal with it but I want to keep my options open.Thanks

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