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Hey there, I've had 2 operations- I had my ears pinned back, which improved my profile but they are asymmetric and I had alot of jokes about this from my so called friends.
I then had a rhinoplasty op in Jan 1998 under local anaesthetic, as I was very phobic of general anaesthetic.To be fair my GP referred surgeon said rhinoplasty under a local was pretty much unheard of in the Uk and not a good idea but I went ahead and found a surgeon(who was very reputable) who would do this.
My nose, whilst not very bad looks nothing like it should have done and I was quite alot better looking before.
I am considering another operation but as too much of the tip of my nose was removed I don't have much confidence that I'll get it back to how I'd have liked and suit it.My GP referred surgeon said I shouldn't have had an operation in the first place and although it's not a good job I'm hardly ugly and he won't operate.
I can't believe how insecure it's made me, I constantly seek affirmation through one night stands and get incredibly depressed when I don't meet a girl.Really out of order behaviour basically.
I am still considering another op though and I live in the North of England.Anyone in the UK who has had a good revised nose op?
I think in the end I'm just going to have to deal with it but I want to keep my options open.Thanks
Its been 3 weeks since my sugery and i am very unhappy with the results. I had a septo- rhinoplasty where the surgeon corrected the deviated septum smoothed out the hump took some cartilage and bone at the end and just under the upper lip. I LOOK REALLY UNGLY NOW IM SO ANGRY!!! i never used to think about my nose so much but now its on my brain 24/7. even though my nose wasn't great before at least girls used to look at me saying i look cute. My nose was kinda pointed before but i was getting stick from friends about it and was genreally unhappy about the apperence. Also had to sort my breathing as it was worsening.
But now i have a round nose and the width of my nose has widened and i know its only been 3 weeks after my surgery but my friends tell me after what i should have had done not before. The surgeon cound not even mange to sort out my tip he turned it up and narrowed the nostrils a little. NOW one nostril is bigger than the other and the nose peaks of a bit like Rod steward nose but fatter.

I am serioulsy angry and cant face my friends who i havent seen since the surgery
I am form UK too - london and checked out about 5 surgeons from harley street and ended mp with Lucian Ion and he seemed to be the best qualified he was registered with 5 hospitals, BAAPS registered, recommened for the Patient advisory Clinc but the only thing is that i didnt feel comfortable with him but went ahead with the sugery as i thought he would do a really good job due to the profeessional way he was coming across and the in depth information he sent me on my nose after the consultation.
Are their any good Uk revision surgeons or what about the US?

thank you


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