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Is there any way this can be removed?? It doesnt hurt or anything, but all my life I have avoided looking people in the eye because of it. I am afraid they will "gawk" or ask, and my eye doctor just told me it was the same as a freckle on your skin. It is bigger than a freckle though, and it just bothers me.
I used to have a 'freckle' on the white of my eye close to the pupil. It was a birthmark. And it made me look cross-eyed and was always a subject of conversatio with people - 'what's THAT in your eye?', etc. I finally had it removed almost 13 years ago by an ophthlamologist who just basically numbed the eye with numbing eye drops and scraped it off and I ended with a 1 or 2 stitches that dissolved in no time. All I felt was a feeling of like an eyelash in the eye for the first day or two. And then, it was ok. I had antibiotic eye drops that I used for about a week or two. And hey presto, no more stupid questions!

This is my story, if it makes you feel better. :D

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