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When it comes to asking advice regarding plastic surgery, the responses are really a waste of time. If someone is seeking removal of facial fat (buccal pads) or rhinoplasty, no matter how many times others waste their breath against it, that someone will go ahead regardless. In the past 6 years that I have been obsessed with plastic surgery I have had over 6 operations, 2 of which I would consider pretty major. One was, the forehead lift which would have been advised against if I told anyone, but I didnt. In the end it was really me who had decided against it, but the surgeon who forged ahead. The removal of facial fat, because I speak from experience is of personal choice. I had "chubby cheeks" before I had originally thought about removing the buccal pads. It really was the fat deposits around my mouth that I would have chosen to remove, but there is no surgery to correct this. Despite what a doctor may tell you, there are too many nerves around the mouth and no such operation exists. Some surgeons will convince you that removing buccal pads will be as a good substitute, but some things to keep in mind. First, if you have a wide, or large nose consider removing part of the fat which would only accentuate that feature. Secondly, if you have a large jaw, imagine removing the balance from on top of the face which will accentuate that also. Persons with delicate features would suit this surgery if the upper face is out of balance (which in my opinion never happens for nature is a perfect art in itself). Prior to my screwing around with my nose, I had a wide nose with a slight hump, but in retrospect it was perfect. Perfect for me. It suit my eyes, and my face. It would not have looked good on anyone else, because it was not an attractive nose in itself :-), but it suit me naturally. I don't mean to judge anyone who goes ahead with this, because I did. I am giving the "i've been there thing" here. Unless a nose was broken, or injured in any other way it is more or less taboo to play around with your features. Anti-aging techniques more certainly are reasons to choose plastic surgery, and even saying that should be in moderation.

So advice for the asking? Don't bother, you can only tell people of your own experiences, in the end, (even if you tell someone they will lose limbs 10 years down the road after a nose job)..., they will do it any ways.
My two cents..

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