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I guess I am too late for this forum. But, here it is...

I have had 2 dermabrasion for my acne scars. The first one went horribly wrong because he was inexperienced though he was a "known" PS, unfortunately, not in dermabrasion procedure. I had a second one to smoothen the scars and it went quite well.

However, I am still concerned with the state of my scars especially when I've got red marks on the scars which I think are due to sun exposure and/or hyperangima (sp?) which means due to vascular or blood vessels present at the spots. My skin is completely clear of acne now. And I am considering having another procedure to make the light-reflecting craters or indentation look much smoother.

I have read all the postings here in this forum and they've helped me understand much better what kind of procedures Asian people, like myself, have done. I am hoping to get more information from those people who had done the CO2, Erbium back in 2001 to find out how they fare now (any pronounced surgical scarring, hypo- or hyper-pigmentation, etc). I hope to also ask if they and anyone of you could give some recommendations on which procedure has much better success rate in terms of deep scars, i.e. dermabrasion versus laser resurfacing and/or acid peels. The reason why I, and for many of you in the same boat, feel the need to do this research is that there are increasing number of different types of lasers and we just don;t know what sort of advices given to each person by his/her PS(s). So, any suggestion is greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot.

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