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Facial Fat Grafting
Jun 15, 2001
I have not had micro-lipo on the face, but 3 wks ago, I had my first in a series of fat grafts to correct under eye bags, upper lids & jowls around the mouth.
So far, I'm very pleased with the results.
This procedure MUST be done by someone who is truly an expert and does a lot of it. Otherwise, you can end up with lumps.
Are you willing to post the name of your derm?
If it is Lisa Donofrio in CT you are in great hands. Dr. Mark Berman in Santa Monica, CA is also very talented at this procedure.
If it is neither of these doctors, please INSIST on seeing before and after photos of other patients, talk to some of them in person if possible, and find out how long afterwards the "after" photos were taken.

Successful fat grafting is usually not a 1X procedure, but requires several treatments at timed intervals. Only 1/3 of the fat from each graft typically survives, so at first, a lot of your results are actually swelling.

If done PROPERLY, this procedure can give you excellent, long-term & lasting results.

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