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Re: PS in NH area
Jul 16, 2001
Hi EDS...I'm about to have a lower FL by Dr. Mark Constantian in a few days! (I'm now scared to death.) He is an excellent surgeon, though, and highly respected by his professional peers. When I was researching, I went on several consultations, and two of the other doctors actually mentioned Dr. Constantion and said what an excellent doctor he is!
I also saw two of the names you mention, Pacik and Feins. Pacik tried talking me into work I didn't want (lipo of the neck without muscle tightening), and spent an hour telling me he couldn't make up his mind what to do with me. That seemed bizarre to me, when the doctor himself is confused. Also, Pacik's staff was more interested in selling me skin care items than in anything else, and when I asked to see the surgi-site, I couldn't! He left me in his office to look at pictures while he went to see other patients, and the pictures he showed me of former patients were all very old..nothing more recent than a few years ago, including his mother. His consultation was a waste of $125.
I saw Feins, and he spent not much more than 5, maybe 10 minutes with me, answered no questions, and then said he would show me to his skin care specialist to discuss Retinol for under-eye treatment. Instead, he took me to the accounting office and left me there to pay, and then the accountant left me standing in the hall with no idea how to get out. I never got any definitive advice from Feins, his only comment was "you'll make an excellent candidate for surgery" (when in fact, he had asked me no medical history or anything, all he had done was pull at my facial skin quickly), I was never shown any photos or given any details other than "I use such-and-such hospital, and we can schedule you for a lower FL next month". I never did get to see the clinician. For that I paid $90 (or maybe it was $110). All in all, I was not impressed with either Pacik or Feins, and would never have had nearly enough confidence in either to have gone back to them for more advice, let alone surgery.
On the other hand, Dr. Constantian was wonderful with his consultation, and spent a good deal of time discussing what MY expectations were, how he could best achieve the results I wanted, etc. He discussed in detail the procedure, what he would like to accomplish for me, and had great photos which we discussed. His staff was also the friendliest and most efficient by far, which also tells me something. His consultation fee is higher ($155-250, depending on what surgery you're looking for...mine cost $155), and is not credited toward the surgery, as the others are..but he's only a little bit higher for the surgery than the others. the way...Dr. Constantian was just named one of the top Plastic Surgeons I believe. One drawback is that the wait for a surgery date once you decide to use him is much longer than the others...Pack and Feins could have done it within 3 or 4 weeks, but I made my appointment with Constantian months ago (I think it was early April, and I'm just this week going to have it done, as this was the first date available). Although that's a long wait, it also tells me that he has many more patients than the other two I mentioned.
My pick would definitely, without a doubt, be Dr. Constantian of the three on your list that I consulted with (don't know the other names you mentioned). Just my opinion, mind you.
Keep in mind that you might want to wait for an update from me, though...since the procedure has yet to be done...hahaha! I'll post when I can after it's been done, as I believe Didgy was also interested to hear how it goes.
Just my opinion, obviously...but thought I'd post in detail, since when I was asking about NH surgeons, on here as well as other boards, I didn't get one response!!

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