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I had moles removed by laser from my face , neck and back. The laser feels like you're being popped with a rubberband. Afterward it felt like I had been burned with a cigarette all over these areas. This pain is alleviated by using a antibacterial first aid spray that relieves the pain and helps with the itch as the multiple sites start to heal. Eventually these areas will form a scab and take about a week to fall off. Here's the tricky part ,if you remove a scab before it heals you may wind up with a poc mark or indentation. (Something that happened to me when I was a little girl with the chicken pocks). Therefore,I knew to be very patient with these scabs ,even though I looked like I had a contagious disease. I applied antibacterial cream a few times a day,so that the scab wouldn't be dry and hard. The slid right off day by day and left little white spots ,which retuned to normal very quickly. Unless, I was just so glad to see the scabs and the moles gone.I was able to apply makeup right after the scabs were gone. I had actually applying it before the fell off,but you have to be carefull not to scrape the scabs off. I will be going to have somemore removed ,probably within the months ,so I dont have to have it done in the spring. The cost is approx. $350.00 with an approximate 7 day healing time. :wave: P.S. I had a lot of moles( maybe a 100 or so) it would be cheaper for less moles. Also,I had one doctor who was very good a removing them with a scapel.However , I did let one doctor, :nono: who looked like he was 100 years old ,remove one mole and he left a pockmark ,he used the laser and then just started pulling on it . So make sure your doctor has skills.

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