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T-nice, just to let you know, there are different types of birthmarks and the procedures are different for each type. I had a birthmark (a mole) removed surgically, where the doctor cut it off. Port wine stains, and what I have, broken blood vessels under the skin, cannot be treated surgically. They have to be treated by laser. Whichever type of procedure you have done, make sure you go to a doctor you trust. Now for more details on the laser surgery, it takes only about 5 minutes for the doctor to do it. Depending on the size of the mark, the doctor uses the laser the number of times necessary to get the entire thing. The first time I had it done, the doctor used the laser about 16 times, this time was about 12. Every spot the doctor hits you with the laser turns a deep purple color, and it does hurt, but it's not unbearable pain. There is a small amount of swelling, but that goes down within a day. After a couple of days, the area around where he used the laser seeped a little bit of blood. The first couple of days are the worst, it looks bad and you have to be careful with the area. Mine is on my face, so I tried to avoid sleeping on that side of my body until it completely healed. It takes a couple of weeks to heal. Every day that passes the deep purple turns more reddish, until it finally gets to the point where you can tell if the laser worked or not. One thing that's extremely important is not to go out in the sun during this time. Even with sunscreen the area is very sensitive and it will make the area not heal. I put spf 50 sunscreen on and went into the sun, and there's still an area that will be red unless I have it done again. The doctor told me to stay out the sun for 2 months, so if you're going to get this done, it's best to do it in the wintertime. The procedure costs about $250 each time, but that may also depend on which area you live in. It may also take up to six treatments to fade the birthmark completely, or it may never fade completely. If you need any more information, please let me know.

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