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Hey Joey11 - I had dermabrasion performed on my acne scars around June of last year. At 10 months post op the redness and hyperpigmentation have just about disappeared. I do see a measure of improvement in my scars, however, as most ethical doctors will tell you the scar is never completely erased. As I recall I was still very red after 4 months so I can imagine at 4 weeks post-op you're still pretty raw and oozing. That's okay, it's part of the healing process. Remember, your skin has been literally scraped off with the intention of new (and hopefully smoother) skin growing in its place. Unfortunately, you really won't see any noticeable difference in the scarring till your skin completely heals and the redness resolves. For me that took about 7 to 8 months, but than again, I was critical of my progress whereas my girlfriend said my redness resolved earlier. Bottom line is its still way too early to draw any conclusions on the improvement of your acne scars. Just listen to your doc's recommendations on post op care, stay out of the sun, increase your Vit C (my opinion), try not to obsess on your face (I know that's difficult to do), and let your body and nature take its course. When your skin can tolerate it start using sunscreen. Remember, things can only get better and you've taken the first step. Good luck, keep your head up, and take care.


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