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Hi all

Had a first rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago, am feeling very depressed with the results. The doc has shortened and pushed the nose up more than I wanted, it's quite thick and turned up at the end, and he also scooped out more than he should.

I had a long thin roman nose beforehand, with a hump. I very much want my old nose back!! Can anyone reccommend revision surgeons - anywhere in the world, but PLEASE the best!! I hated the whole procedure and recovery, so I don't want to have to keep going back for more.

By the way, I'm from the UK and had the surgery done by a Mr Nishikawa in B'ham. Does anyone know of good revision surgeons please? I know I have to wait a year before getting it redone, but with your guys' help I can research the next surgeon thoroughly. Please help!

I've scanned through this thread, and somebody has referred to Dr. Ellenbogen being the 'best rhinoplasty surgeon in the world'. The statement sent a shiver down my spine.

I had my nose revised by him a couple of years ago, three years to be precise, and it left me housebound. I was so devestated by the results it took me several months just to be able to face people. He was a very charming man, and very friendly, but he didn't listen to a word I'd said. I asked for a small cute nose, and he gave me the exact opposite: a long straight, bumpy nose, which I've had to spend tens of thousands of pounds trying to fix.

I travelled across the world to see him, because after typing 'top revision nose surgeons' into the search engine, his site came up at the top of the list. I've since learnt website design, and now know the reason for this is merely good advertising. It's biased, because who's saying they are the best? Who's site is it? Theirs!

Anyway, I've been to several surgeons in an attempt to fix it, including a further two surgeons in L.A. In 'my' opinion, Mr. Lucian Ion, and Mr. Rowe Jones, in the UK are two of the best.

Many surgeons specialise in particular types of noses, i.e. straight noses, or scooped noses: and there are 'very' few specialist revision surgeons in the world. Believe me, I've spent hours, days, weeks on the internet doing research, and having consultations.

With the two surgeons above I know for a fact they'll listen to you, and that they have a lot of experience with revision rhinoplasty. Mr. Rowe has slightly more experience than Mr. Ion, but it's Mr. Ion's specialist interest, and he goes out of his way to give you exactly what you want (if it's possible of course).


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