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The FotoFacial and Microdermabrasion are 2 totally different things. The Fotofacial is good for people with Rosacea and sun damage. It uses a special type of light pulse (like a laser). Microdermabrasion is basically taking layers of dead skin off of the surface to make your skin look brighter and OVER TIME can help hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, acne scars, etc. There is also a huge difference in price. But, it really depends on what you are getting it done for and what type of results you want to get.
I had 2 photo rejuvenation treatments in the last month. They were $600 each. Surprisingly, it removed some tiny broken blood vessels deep within my skin and help to close many of my large pores! I am glad I got it done and if I can afford a third treatment, will do so in the future.

I've had about 8 power peels (dermabrasion using the tiny crystal blasts) and it gives great results, however, the photo rejuv helped to close large pores and zap deep acne scars and broken blood vessels. These 2 procedures address to different problems. The power peel takes care of the surface skin areas, the rejuvenation treatment gets deeper into skin that has been damaged from acne and sun. I hope this helps.

[QUOTE=focusin]Has anyone gotten an IPL treatment for photorejuvenation and had any of their eyebrow hair accidentally removed?? The night after my first photofacial treatment, i noticed my eyebrows looked thinner, but my skin was sort of red and swollen. when my skin calmed down, I noticed the eyebrows seemed dramatically one of them is nearly bald on one side.

Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know if the setting on the laser used for photorejuvenation is the same for hair removal?[/QUOTE]

They got to close to the brow, probably a little sun damage they were going after. Unless it was Fotofacial RF, the hairs will grow back.
Also someone was saying microbrasion was for scars as opposed to Fotofacial. Fact is Fotofacial is good for light to moderate scaring too. I have Rosacea with some scarring from the accompanying acne the last 18 months. One fotofacial has made a remarkable difference. Just takes a little longer to see the results. You get a real collagene boost in the process though.

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