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I went to a plastic surgeon in 1988, I wanted him to reduce the size of my lips. haha That was before big lips became the in style. He said what I really needed was a chin. I didn't question him, just went for it. He put in a silicon implant down thru the inside of my mouth. I thought it looked pretty good and was happy. Recovery was fairly quick, but the pain in my chin area never went away. As the years went by, it seemed to get smaller, like it was shrinking away. Then came the allergies, I became allergic to everything you could think of. The worst being cosmetics, shampoo, lotion soap etc. I didn't associate it with my new chin at first. I finally did, but I wasn't willing to give it up. Finally, I went to a different plastic surgeon last February, 2002. He said he didn't think that was the allergy problem, but that you should never put a silicon implant against bone, that it would cause the bone to wear away. He suggested an implant made of a natural material similiar to real bone. He said it would attach itself to the bone. I went for it. Then he didnt want to do the natural bone material, when he found out they dont preshape them any more and they are much more expensive, but I insisted. He went in from the bottom of my chin. Much better way. My recovery time was fast, the pain is gone, it looks better, unfortunately the allergies didn't go away. They have really made me miserable. Not a good idea to put synthetic materials in your body. But I do love my new chin.

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