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I came here because I too want plastic surgery, well actually it's just one thing I want but you sound like me. I hate waking up and looking at myself sometimes because I scrutinize myself and magnify every flaw I have. This is not reality though because everyone has their "imperfections"

I'm not saying cheer up and love yourself because that is not helpful but I saw your pics and your nothing at all like you make yourself out to be. I know becuase I do the same thing, the majority of the things we think about are in our minds only.

What is it you want done exactly, you mentioned Lipo but I do not recommend that. I could not see your legs but you are far from fat. I know your self dislike is due to your expectations because that how it is for everyone. You expect you should look like this or that but life is not black or white but a million shades of gray and to be honest people want the shades of gray.

Damn, I forgot what I came on here to say. Look your an attractive girl and I honestly can't see what you would want to do to your face.

P.S do not pluck your eyebrows, your eyebrows with your facial features and haircolor are bomb!

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