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[quote]Originally posted by cratchit:
[b]... you should look "normal" with no swelling bruising, facial distortions of any kind within two weeks of your facial operation. You will be able to go back to work with full make up and look great... [/b][/quote]

I agree. If were a woman and accustomed to wearing make-up, I'd consider returning to work with appropriate make-up. But I'm a man and wearing make-up to the office isn't a viable option. I'll take a few more days off instead. At this point, with the use of a bit of Dermablend for a couple of spots, I'm comfortable for most mundane activities: shopping, walking the dog, etc. Nonetheless, I don't care how good the surgeaon is, following a lower face-lift, which is a highly invasive procedure on a blood-enriched part of the body, there will be considerable swelling and bruising.

I'm sure there are levels of surgical competency which can have a direct impact on degree, just as there are levels of patient sensitivity that will have an impact on degree. But no one should think that they're going to look good in the morning. Everyone should be prepared to look pretty banged-up the next day, and for several days after that.

My point is to go into the operation understanding that you're not going to look good for a couple of weeks. For a while after that, you're presentable with cosmetics. For a while after that, there'll be lingering but diminishing numbness. But hopefully,for many years after, you'll look great, feel great and enjoy greater confidence and have a healthier self-image.

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