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I have also posted this on the rhinoplasty revision board and I know a lot of people (like me) look at both, so I apologize for the repetition. that said...
I'm 18 and I'm intent on getting my nose done this summer - I have a pronounced bump in the middle and no one knows where it came from. it's not genetic and it's not an injury, it popped up when I got my growth spurt in 7th grade!
anyways, I live in Boston but I attend school in NYC. I was wondering 1) If anyone has had particularly good primary rhinoplasty experiences with either boston or new york city doctors. I am willing to pay whatever it takes for a good reliable nose. - I have heard that Dr. Thomas Loeb of NYC is good....has anyone else? and 2) is packing the nose bad or good? i've noticed that some doctors do it, some don't. 3) open vs closed - is one better than the other? 4) Where can I look up what doctors have been sued?

Answers to any of these questions would be greatly appreciated! I am very nervous and I know that noses need to be redone a lot of the time but I am determined to do this and my family has been very supportive.

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