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Prople don't get facelifts when they're young and 'plumped' cheeked. They are usually 40-60 years old, and trust me, they need the fat in their faces for a 'youthful' look. You can be heavy with hollow cheeks when you age if you have that procedure done; it's a sickly look. [I don't mean fat under face under chin, of course]. There might be a rare exception but generally, it's a no-no [according to my PS]

[quote]Originally posted by johnboy:
[b]I know some people recommend against having facial fact removed at all. But surely this depends on how much fat you had in your face to begin with?

Although facial fat reduces with age, some people will always have too much - so some removal of facial fat would be acceptable.

Many credible Drs perform this procedure, so I don't believe it is never justified.


Gabriel, thanks for repyling. It's nice to read a post from someone who's actually had the procedure!

Can I ask in which country you had the procedure? I am considering a cheek lift instead of a buccal fat pad extraction.

Can I ask who your surgeon was? How long did it take to recover from the operation (cosmetically).

Is fat removed from just the middle of the cheeks are can fat be removed from the sides (ie nearer the ears).

[quote]Originally posted by gabrielaleach:
[b]I was very dissappointed to see so many negative responses from people who have never even had the buccal fat removal. As with any surgery, you get what you pay for, and seeing a top surgeon is crucial. I had a PARTIAL cheek reduction procedure to help balance my face with my 93 lb. frame, and am very pleased with the results. The procedure was farily painless and the results are more clearly defined cheekbones and a much more femanine appearance. My surgeon in L.A. charged three times the rates I was quoted in NYC ($6,800) and I waited almost 18 months for my surgery date. In addition to seeing before and after photos it is important to SPEAK and MEET with former patients who have had the same procedure you are considering. Removing the enire fat pad from the cheeks will give you very dramatic results and older inexperienced doctors who make their living off of "facelifts" will rarely endorse a procedure they are not familiar with. Also be sure your surgeon is up to date on the latest techniques. Only an inexperienced doctor will tell you to "never consider a procedure", he will at the very least provide you with name of a specialist or collegue for a 2nd consultation. I have also found that most facelift doctors are accustomed to making older women look younger and not neccessarly more beautiful. If you are considering this procedure you should consult a surgeon who spealizes in asthetic surgery or has am impressive list of well know clients who must make their living based on their appearance. [/b][/quote]

sun 78- I myself am very interested in the buccal fat removal procedure. Although I've heard negative feed back on this procedure. I've also been hearing positive results wich interest me. Whats important I guess, is if you find the right PS for the job. I know lots of PS have that "we do it all" out look, but don't really specialize in certain more fragile areas. Although you hear people say that it will give a "gaunt" looking face. Or that you need to preserve that area because as you get older this area will thin with age. Very true I suppose, but left to question is on how much fat did you have in your face to begin with, and were you a good candidate from the begining. So going back to the begining. I think the people with the more positive out comes on this surgery had there surgeries done by experienced PS who have done these surgeries. I myself would like to have it done so if you or anyone else who has had thi s procedure done by an experienced PS could you please reccomend them and were there situated

with any help to that would be much appreciated, Thanx

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