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I understand your pain. I say try going to a Facial Cosmetic Surgeon who is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS)and the American Board of Facial and Cosmetic Surgery(ABFCS). These surgeons are trained, certified by a real board, and specializes in the face only. You see, these plastic surgeons now a days, are really only doing the regular procedures of the public, which is a nose job, liposuction of the body, facelift, etc.... They don't really get much people coming in for facial liposuction procedures, so if they really don't get much people coming in for facial liposuction procedures, THEN HOW IS IT THAT THEY HAVE FULL KNOWLEDGE OR KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING IN THIS FIELD. I don't care if they say they are certified in the area of facial liposuction, IF THEY HAVEN'T HAD MUCH PRACTICE OR MUCH PEOPLE COMING IN FOR THIS PROCEDURE, THEN HOW CAN YOU LISTEN TO WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY ABOUT FACIAL LIPOSUCTION, MUCH LESS HAVE THEM DO A FACIAL LIPOSUCTION PROCEDURE IF THEY DON'T DO IT THAT MUCH? Case in point, I've only been to about 3 regular plastic surgeons who are board certified, and when I looked at their before and after pictures, I only seen about 1 or 2 facial liposuction procedures pictures as opposed to like 20 before and after pictures of the other procedures. Nosejob, facelift, etc.... The point I am trying to make is, these board certified plastic surgeons cannot tell you anything about facial liposuction if they really don't have much practice doing it. And so therefore they come up with this excuse saying," oh, avoid getting fat taken from your cheeks because it can produce nerve damage. Oh, I do not recommend getting fat taken from your cheeks because when you get older, you will look hollow. But the fact is that IF the regular board plastic surgeons HAD ENOUGH PRACTICE ON FACIAL LIPOSUCTION AND DID IT EFFECTIVLY, THEY WOULD NOT TELL YOU SUCH A TALE. If they had alot of practice and expertise of doing the facial liposuction procedure, they would not, GUARANTEED, tell you such a thing. It's all about the money. It's all about what the majority wants. And if the majority of people coming into the surgeons office does not want facial liposuction but the other procedures, how can he tell you anything about it. He doesn't have any practice at all. He don't know what to do. That's basically what it is. Now I can recommend that you try, that's if you want to but try an E.N.T Otolaryngologist which stands for Ear, Nose, and throat doctors who specialize in the ear, nose, and throat of the face and now are Board Certified for Cosmetic surgery of the face only. Now their specialty is with the ear, nose and throat but in addition, they have had extensive training and are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Facial and cosmetic Surgery. These ARE NOT independent agencies. But are the real certifications that ALL plastic surgeons must be certified under.
They do alot of revision cases as well from quote on quote, BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEONS, the E.N.T Otolarngologists Cosmetic Surgeons I must note again are trained in E.N.T but are also Board Certified by the ABPS which all plastic surgeons must be certified under. Which means that the E.N.T Otolaryngologists are also board certified and trained in the regular plastic surgery procedures BUT HAVE JUST LIMITED THEIR PRACTICE SOLELY TO THE FACE. So if they have limited their practice solely to the face, then let's look at the pro's of this. For one, they are trained in facial nerves, which means that THEY CAN MAKE SURE YOU CAN FORM A SMILE 2 MONTHS AFTER YOUR FACIAL LIPOSUCTION PROCEDURE. Two, it's done in a hospital as opposed to an office like most plastic surgeons do. Three, it can be a little cheaper. Four, Guaranteed if you go to an E.N.T Cosmetic Otolaryngologist, THEY WILL NOT TELL YOU WHAT MOST PLASTIC SURGEONS, tell you. They will not tell you not to have the facial liposuction procedure done because THEY HAVE DONE THIS PROCEDURE SO MUCH THAT IF NEEDED, THEY WILL DO IT. And if you are complaining about your chubby cheeks and if they are really fat like you say, believe me they will do it because THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Five, they have alot of before and after pictures of successful facial liposuction procedures patients in the hospital. And last but not least, I'm not surprised but in any case they do alot of REVISION CASES. Meaning many people come in to their office to have their faces re-done over because they went to a plastic surgeon who doesn't specialize in the face and they messed their face up. So now they come to the E.N.T Otolaryngologist to fix what the other plastic surgeon messed up. Now with all these pro's in mind, why should you live like you are living now. Why should you live un-happy because some plastic surgeon who doesn't even have enough practice performing facial liposuction tells you not to do it. So what are you supposed to do? Are you supposed to keep being disgusted with what you see in the mirror just because some plastic surgeon who doesn't even have enough practice doing facial liposuction tells you no? Or are you going to try to go to a Facial Cosmetic Surgeon preferably an E.N.T Board Certified Cosmetic Otolaryngologist who has had enough practice doing a facial liposuction procedure? ARE YOU GOING TO CONTINUE TO BE UN-HAPPY?

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