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I will comment of *******'s message in a moment however I will first start with Elain drogan. I am so sorry for your un-fortunate experience with your facial liposuction. Perhaps your face wasn't really fat to begin with! Or perhaps, you didn't choose a Facial Cosmetic Surgeon who specializes in the face only. In any case, I don't want you to think bad about facial liposuction because of the bad plastic surgeon you chose. It is a successful procedure IF DONE BY THE APPROPRIATE, QUALIFIED, AND CERTIFIED surgeon whose sole practice is on the face only. Perhaps by now you have been rectified, I hope. Now as for *******'s post. I APPLAUDE YOUR RESPONSE which goes as follows:
While the prevailing wisdom (and rightfully so) is to use a board certified plastic surgeon for most plastic surgery procedures, I believe based on my research of over 1 year, that a board certified dermatologist surgeon who has been trained and has extensive experience is qualified to do liposuction and fat grafting. Dermatologists were the first doctors to do liposuction. I am not saying that all dermatologists are qualified, however, neither are all board certified plastic surgeons good at these procedures. A good rhino doc doesn't necessarily do great face lifts, etc.
I give you a standing ovation. I couldn't have said it better myself. I have been trying to tell a couple of people the very same thing but you said it better. I've have been trying to tell a couple of people that a board certified plastic surgeon of the body and face doesn't necessarily specialize in facial liposuction as opposed to a facial cosmetic board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in the face only, including facial liposuction. This Cosmetic surgeon does more facial liposuction procedures than a regular plastic surgeon. And you are so right, a good rhinoplasty surgeon does not necessarily do good facelifts. Excellent point but true. So the same thing goes for plastic surgeons who specialize in the main procedures of the body like facelift, nosejob, as opposed to a facial cosmetic plastic surgeon who specializes in the FACE ONLY, who has more practice, training and expertise in all aspects of the face including facial liposuction. I applaude you girl. You go girl.

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