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I visited my derm. and she recommended facial lipo. for my jowls, under chin and neck area and fat transfer to my somewhat receding chin area. Anybody have these procedures done? I am nervous about this big step(eventhough I'd love to improve those areas). Please let me know of your experience or knowledge regarding these procedures. Thanks so much.
My plastic surgeon tells me the longest that a fat transfer has lasted in a patient is two years so far. Other patients unfotunately only get six or seven months, conpared to 3 months or so on collagen. Maybe you could check with some top notch RN's in New York on the staff of a top notch hospital. They usually know the best plastic [and corrective] surgeons. I went to my plastic surgeon because I had seen the work he had done on someone else a few years prior and she looked great. That may not be a guarantee, but the more surgeries a PS does and if he/she has been around in the same office for many years and has referrals, that's where to start for a consult. I still feel a top notch plastic surgeon usually is best for facial work. I know there are great dermatologists out there [I mean for major face work, of course]. Good luck.

[quote]Originally posted by elaine drogan:
[b]I had fat lipo for jowls which were small. It was great. I returned for lipo from within the face. A disastor! Never remove fat fron within the face. How could a fat graft last for 5 years. Help! I am in New York and I really do not know who to see.[/b][/quote]

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