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To board member pushkin. First I am sorry for your bad experience with buccal fat removal BUT PERHAPS YOU CHOSE THE WRONG DOCTOR? Because there are plenty of successful buccal fat removal procedures even years later so I am sorry for your un-fortuanate demise. Maybe you can fill me in all of the details of your horror story and results in your reply to me.

In the mean time I will fill you in about myself, that I am in my early 30's and let's just say that my face is as fat and maybe even fatter than Aretha Franklins face. I use her as an example because we all know with no offense to Aretha Franklin of course that the Aretha Franklin today is huge and her face is really really fat as well. My face is fatter than Aretha Franklin's face. I'm not talking about the old Aretha Franklin from the 60's I'm talking about Aretha Franklin today. She looks about 300lbs, with all due respect of course to the queen of soul. But She's probably in her 50's now.

In anycase, I am in my early 30's and my face is fatter than Aretha Franklin. Now if you think that I am not old enough to have this procedure done especially when my face is bigger than Aretha Franklin's, you are out of your mind.

When you are in your 30's, you have already waited long enough. And if by the time you hit your 30's, your face is still inflated like a balloon, I think that its way overdue and time for you to get the buccal procedure done. You shouldn't wait till you are in your 40's and 50's and suffer through your 30's until you hit your 40's and 50's to get a buccal facial fat removal procedure done. I think that if you are in your 30's and your face is STILL inflated like a balloon, then I think THAT IT'S DUE TIME TO GET the Buccal fat removal done. As you can see with Aretha Franklin today, she is in her 50's and her face with all due respect is still really huge. And my face in my 30's is fatter than hers.

So I think in my case, I am very eligible for a buccal facial fat removal procedure and still not look gaunt later on. Now I'm sorry for your unfortunate demise like I said but you can't advise people not to get this procedure done SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW OTHER PEOPLE'S FACE LOOKS. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN SOMEONE WITH A FATTER FACE THAN ARETHA FRANKLIN? Have you ever seen someone with a fatter face than Jackie Gleason? Then until you see someone with fatter faces than the people mentioned above, then I don't think that you should advise against the buccal facial fat removal procedure.

Another thing also, IF YOUR FACE WAS NOT AS FAT AS ARETHA FRANKLIN OR JACKIE GLEASON, THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE NEVER GOTTEN THE BUCCAL FAT REMOVAL PROCEDURE BECAUSE IN MY OPINION, YOUR FACE WAS NEVER FAT TO BEGIN WITH. As a matter of fact, NO ONE SHOULD EVER GET THE BUCCAL FACIAL FAT REMOVAL IF THEIR FACE IS NOT AS FAT AS ARETHA FRANKLIN'S OR JACKIE GLEASON'S. But my face is fatter than both of these entertainers. So I know that I am eligible, a plastic surgeon already told me so, and I HAVE REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. So I am a great candidate but if your face is not as fat as Aretha Franklin or Jackie Gleason's then YOU SHOULD HAVE NOT GOTTEN THE BUCCAL FACIAL FAT REMOVAL TO BEGIN WITH ANYWAY. But I'm sorry for your demise and you can explain your experience and results in replying.

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