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I know there has been loads of people asking this and i have seached back over 100 posts to see if i can find an answer to my question but i keep seeing different things.

Well here goes, i went to my docs a few weeks ago to ask about getting a mole on my neck removed because it keeps rubbing on my clothes, and to be honest i think it looks horrible.
He said said it was ok to get it cut out, and explain he would have to put a needle in by the mole to numb the area, then cut around it in a oval shape and stich it up again, leaving a scar....

I was just wondering what the scar will be like? Will it be a massive red one or one that will fade and be hardly noticeable?

If anyone has had this done and can tell me what the scar is like i would be so thankful.

Thanks all

I had a mole removed from my temple area.
The surgeon made a 3 sided star shape to draw the skin closer together for a fine scar. It has faded to very fine white and is now barely visible.

My husband however had a mole removed from his chest by his GP and has quite a nasty scar which looks as though it has stretched.

Some moles can be shaved off while others may need to be cut out and investigated. (Get a second opinion).


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