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Hello everyone.

I have a very round face. It looks like Tiffani Amber-Thiessen's face (so I have been told). I look overweight even when I am slender.

I want to have the buccal fat pads removed. Has anyone out there done this? If so, would you share your experience with me? Is there a special tool the plastic surgeon uses, as opposed to liposuctioning it out? How long did your face swell? How has it changed your face?

Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.
Not a wise idea,

As you age, that buccal fat pad actually helps keep you "younger" looking.

If you remove it, you'll actually look like a corpse (hint hint: FAT actualy helps our faces look youhger as we age. Gaunt is old. To remove the becal fat pads us guant.
I had buccal fat pads removed,
and had abdominal fat taken and transferred to my upper cheeks ,
lips, nasal labial folds and marionette folds..

My face is still swollen, but I can see the slight dimpling under cheekbone and a more defined chinline, cheekbone.
This is something I never had and am glad to see.
I am still unsure about my upper face.????
the cheekbones on top, sides near my nose, under my eyes? very of may 22nd,2003..had surgery on the 14th. maybe too soon to tell.
when the swelling goes down I hope all the fat is in the proper areas.

the lips look excellent
the buccal fat was a great thing for me to do,
I had flat cheeks, like an asian, philipino look all my life and I was unhappy with that contour.

the thing with cosmetic surgery is the waiting,,somethimes for up to 1 year to see the total effect.

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