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Re: Face lift at 26
May 29, 2003
Hi ladies,

I'd like ss12 to read through Midwestern girl's post along with mine. I've had a similar experience. At age 36 I looked great and felt great too!!! After dieting for 20 years-since I was 15- I decided to have a lift to firm up my face. It wasn't "obviously loose", it was something only I could see and wanted to improve. Well my p.s. suggested we use my own body fat to enhance my jawline and we should take two milimeters off my nose to make me look "Perfect" since in his opinion I didn't need anything done- his words- he would act as a "sculptor" to reach "perfection". He never explained risks, complications...and told me it was reversible if something went wrong. I already looked great and never realized things could go bad. Result: He overstuffed my face - two thirds - I was terribly cheeky for 14 months. I had a big, fat wide, disfigured face. My nose: over-shortened, fat, wide nostrils. It has affected me professionally, personally, financially. I went from looking great to looking like a freak. It almost cost me my mind. As far as the lift I wanted I ended up with looser skin . Why? Because my face was overstuffed and tremendously swollen. This caused my skin to stretch more and get looser as the fat absorbed-to a point- and as the swelling went down. Result: I had a second face lift which elevated my hair line - I had to have a hair transplant to correct it. The second lift was not successful enough to firm up my skin. My skin is still looser than it was before my first lift. My nose: I had a second revision which involved taking cartilage from my ear to build up the bridge and tip. I've also had my nostrils narrowed. I don't look like a freak anymore but my face and nose don't look right. I've spent over 50 thousand dollars on consultations and surgery. I've seen all the "best,reputable, so-called top surgeons" in the world. I'm still looking for a surgeon who can fix this mess. I don't know if I will ever find one. The hair transplant worked out beautifully. It made me very angry though that I had to subject myself to this procedure because of someone's irresponsibility.
I've learned that plastic surgery is far from being aperfect science and the world is full of bad surgeons and bad results. These are only things you learn about when you become a statistic. Even though I'm a mess I still believe in p.s. I am not a plastic surgery mistake. I am a mistake of the plastic surgeon. To all those considering surgery: If it's not a major problem-don't mess with it!!! It's kind of like Russian roulette- until you have a look in the mirror-you don't ever know what you're going to look like- no matter who your surgeon is-no matter how great a job he did on someone else- there are NO guarantees. So if you're not willing to trade what you have - BEWARE!!!

Good Luck to all of you!!!

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