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Hi guys,
I need advice or at least feedback about doctors taht i am considering for a primary. I am 18 and want to get it done before college, because i have hated my nose for a while, and think that if i dont do it now, i never will.
So, here goes: the three i was considering are Constantinides (sorry for misspelling), Tabbal, and Barek. Since my mom has to take out loans to pay for this, price is a HUGE issue. So i went to my first consultation with Barek. But his digital imaging thing made my "ideal" nose really upturned, and he thoguth that was fine.
I;m going to Tabbal on thursday, but it makes me so nervous that he doesnt have pictures, and he's by far the most expensive.
Anyone who has had work done by tabbal, pleaseplease tell me about your results and why you chose him!!!

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