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Hi, I'm an African-American female seeking Primary Rhinoplasty to correct the small hook at the time of my nose as well as narrowing the width some what.

Needless to say, there's soo many doctors to choose from and I'm in the process of scheduling consultations with many of the surgeons, however, the consultations cost money and I have well over 20 doctors listed. It would be greatly appreciated for those who've had rhinoplasty performed, especially those of African-American decent to give your views.

Thank you.

Dennis Barek
Geoffrey Tobias
Jon Turk
Steven Pearlman
Minas Constantinides
Philip Miller
Stephen Greenburg
Mark Erlick
Arthur Millman
Michael Jones
Howard Bellin
Kenneth Francis
Robert Tornambe
Dr. Pastorek
Craig Foster
Dr. Tabbal
Dr. Antell
Dr. Aston
Alan Matarasso
Kenneth Francis
Brad Jacobs
Dean Toriumi
Dr. Deneberg
Dr. Gunter
Dr. Freund
Thomas Loeb
Laurence Kirwan
Daniel Becker
Frederick Corbin
Michael Bermant
Paul Nassif
Dr. Ellenbogen
Dr. Kemsley
Dr. Karpinski
Dr. Zevon
Dr. Woodsmith
Bruce Daniels
Jonothan Sykes
Lasky Kamer
Anthony Sokol

Did I list nearly every SURGEON lol.

Thanks for everyone's help.

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