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I am considering Dr. Frank Meronk, Jr. for bleph. He is in Ventura/Oxnard California. Has anyone used him, or knows someone who did? I'm a little nervous and would like any feedback, goor or bad. Thanks!!
Dr. Frank Meronk paid a medical malpractice
award of $312,521 in August 2002.

You can confirm this by going to the California
Medical Board website.

He is board-certified in Ophthalmology.
He is NOT board-certified in Plastic Surgery.
I had surgery by Dr. Meronk and asked him about this award. According to him, somebody he operated on in the hospital came down with an eye infection after complicated reconstructive surgery (I think he said cancer but I'm not sure). He said he's never has any other judgmenets at all in over 20 years. Can't really blame a doc for infection at the hospital. Even a good surgeon who operates a lot (he does and on some very famous people) can have something go wrong. Anyway, my result was wonderful. If you're worried, ask him to explain. He didn't hesitate to discuss it with me. Good luck to you.
Big fat lie. He tells many of his patients that his malpractise is due to eye infection. Well, ask him to tell you the truth.

2002 - Robalino v. Meronk
Ventura Superior Court, Case No. CIV202457
Mr. Johnson tried this medical malpractice case involving a negligently performed surgery near the eye in which the surgeon accidentally pierced the eye with a needle. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiff in the amount of $484,075.00. The verdict was affirmed on appeal.

Visit: [url][/url]
Have a consultation with Dr Laurie McCall in Ventura. Top of her class at the Stein Eye Institue. She is very, very good. Her husband Dr Bern is a plastic surgeon. They do hold free seminars but I would suggest to just go see her.

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