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I had a lower body lift with Dr. Pitman, and I'd concur with much of what NYCgal said. I'm delighted with my results, and I intend to have him do a breast lift (although I hear Dr. Hidalgo is best for breasts) and thigh lift because I trust him implicitly as a doctor.

Dr. Pitman is cautious and caring, although not emotional or warm in any way. I think I've seen him smile twice. But when I developed an infection a couple of days after surgery, he had me come to his office every other day for a week (one of the days was a Saturday).He sent me to an infectious disease specialist for an accurate diagnosis. I want to do my breasts, but he wants to wait an extra 12 weeks before doing that, to be certain the infection is healed.

The doctor who did my facelift/bleph/browlift was a very personable and charming guy (a la Dr. 90210, although he was a NYC surgeon too) and he did okay but I wouldn't go back to him. He didn't end up making as much of a difference for me as I'd wanted. Everyone in his office was very charming and pleasant but it didn't feel genuine.

Everything you get from Pitman is genuine.

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