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For anyone who has decided to go with Dr. Tabbal for a rhinoplasty revision, could you please elaborate on your decision process given that he has a policy of not showing before and after photos? I've done my research and he has a sterling reputation, but the no-photo program makes me a bit nervous. Has anyone asked him why he doesn't show patient photographs. Isn't this highly unusual? Thanks in advance for any feedback!
In response to "nobodisson" of July 24th.I found my consultation with Dr. Tabbal very satisfing.He was not at all arrogant and easy to talk with.He was up front with what he could do for me,saying he could come very close to what he showed me on the imaging system.He said he could achieve about 95% of what was shown to me.I chose him because of his reputation as a rhinoplasty specialist.He did a closed surgery on me.I had no pain and the healing process was quick.Now for the big question.Am I happy? I would have liked a larger reduction in size.However he told me from the start that"there are limitaions of what could be done". He did what he said he could do and from that perspective I'm pleased.I would stongly recommend him to you as first-class surgeon.From all that I've read he and Dr. Pastorek are the two top revision rhinoplasty surgeons in New York City.If your consultation with Dr. Tabbal is not good I'd go to Dr. Pastorek for a second opinion.Hope this answers your questions.

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