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I am scheduled to have surgery in a couple of months with Dr. Constantian in NH. My consultation went well, and I felt that although my appointment with him took a lot longer than was allotted to me, that he still was taking his time and wasn't pushing me out the door. He is very good about explaining things (why my initial rhinoplasty turned out the way it did, what my nose has done as a result of the surgery, what he will do to correct it) and seems to listen when you ask a question. I will be happy to report on my surgery (a revision rhinoplasty, forehead lift and blepharoplasty) once it is done. I have a couple more appointments, one in two weeks and another in 6 weeks just prior to my surgery and, if you are interested, I'll report on those.

Dr. Constantian is not unfriendly, but not a barrel of laughs either. He does not make you uncomfortable, but then don't expect him to be anything but all business. You can tell he takes his work very, very seriously, so this is a comfort if initially a little disarming. I've waited 25 years for this surgery and I take it seriously too...
Alsaser, no, Dr. Constantian did not do computer imaging, but I don't think this is a reliable tool. (I am a computer photo retoucher by profession, so I know this!)

He asks you to bring in pictures from magazines, etc. of noses you like (!) so I did. I like noses sort of like my original nose, but not as extreme. My nose was wide and turned up, but my bridge was very shallow, hence the silicone implant; it was more Asian or African even though I am caucasion. I was 17 when I had the first rhinoplasty, and I don't think I was able to articulate what I wanted (a narrower, more refined version of my own nose). What I got instead was a convex (via the implant) nose where the top of the bridge is sunken (between the nose and forehead at the brow) and the tip is blunt and wide and I have sunken nostrils as well.

I think when you show him a picture of a nose you think is attractive, it helps him know what you want, and he is able to tell you whether it is doable. You know, if you're starting with a certain kind of nose, it may be impossible to replicate someone's nose that has an entirely different shape, length, etc. In other words, Ashley Judd has a lovely, narrow and turned up nose, but I cannot expect to have my nose narrowed to that degree and it wouldn't fit my face. I picked two actresses whose noses were similar in some way to my old nose, but are prettier....

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