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If you are thinking about having your nose done for the first or second time,PLEASE be cautious of who you go to. Whatever you do, DO NOT GO TO DR. TOBY MAYER IN BEV. HILLS. I had my nose done with him about two years ago, besides the fact that he is the most arrogant and kauky s.o.b. out there he ruined my nose leaving me with a completly slanted nose, he then admitted that he did in fact mess up and requested I do a revision with him a second time at no charge of course. So not having the money to go to another doctor I let him try and fix his mistake, going under the knife for a second time. Not only did he not straighten the nose but he made it worse. About 6mos later I came to him crying and regreting ever coming to him in the first place, he then acknowledged the fact that it still looks horrible and needs to do the surgery a third time. At that point I had absolutely no trust in him and am not going to let him treat me like a piece of meat that he can carve whenever he wants to. I now have a slanted nose that definitly needs to be fixed but will never let him touch me again. I not only have to pay a lot more money to have my nose fixed but have to go through the agony and pain of going through this whole process again. The Ironic thing is that I initially went to him b/c he was on tv and said that he NEVER has to do revisions b/c he is so good the first time. When I came to him he told me my procedure was the most standard and should not have any complications b/c all he needed to do was to remove the slight bump I had and that was it. From what seemed to be such a simple procedure was turned into a what is now a NIGHTMARE! So beware of who you go to and think about if you really want it done in the first place.

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