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[quote]Originally posted by yahweh:
[b]Actually, I made a topic on the true tumescent liposuction technique but nobody replied. The topic was called "True Tumescent Liposuction, The Best". But I guess nobody cares about the safest liposuction procedure invented. I guess they don't care but thankfully you care and can seeeee theeee liiight.
Just a little humor. lol

What I was saying about the true tumescent liposuction technique to everybody is that it is the best. It is noted as one of the safest liposuction techniques according to the cosmetic surgery times and other reputable references.

There are no deaths associated with the True Tumescent Liposuction technique. Minor swelling and minor bruising and best of all, you go back to work in
48 hours guaranteed. Also best of all, the True Tumescent Liposuction procedure is done totally under local anesthesia and never under general or intravenous sedation only local anesthesia.

Not so with traditional liposuction. You can't go back to work until at least 3 weeks after. And also with traditional liposuction it is almost always done under general or deep intravenous sedation which can be very dangerous. You can go into cardiac arrest when large volumes of fat is being suctioned out under general or deep intravenous sedation. So that's why the true tumescent liposuction is the best because it is done under local anesthesia ONLY.

I myself do not have any experiences with it myself as yet but soon very soon I will. Because I have been researching the true tumescent liposuction technique like crazy and I have even spoken to a couple of cosmetic surgeons about the procedure so I know alot about it.

But you have chosen the right path. Thankfully someone is listening to me on this board. I'm sure you will love the technique even though I haven't tried it yet, and I'm sure you will love your results. The cost of doing facial liposuction using the true tumescent liposuction technique will cost me $2,900.

This is much cheaper than the regular cost of facial liposuction using the regular technique because in addition to their regular fee, extra fees such as anesethia and other costs are added to the $2,900 which will probably make it around $3,700. Now this price would be for the regular liposuction procedure. But with the True Tumescent Liposuction, the cost will stay the same at $2,900.

Now if it is cheaper for me doing the facial liposuction using the true tumescent technique, then it should be cheaper for you doing your procedures. I have total faith in this technique just from the good things that I hear. Good luck

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I just wanted to comment on a few things you said about traditional liposuction. First off I had my thighs, inner and outer, and upper and lower stomach done, which cost me around $7,000...4 areas including general anestisia, my garments, before and after pics, and checkups for a year for $7,000. I'd say that's pretty good. Anyways, as far as the recovery, I was in surgery on Saturday, back to work on Wednesday. I had minor bruising and almost no swelling. I agree that Tumescent is a new and improved version of traditional...but I honestly don't think traditional was a tough or painful surgery. As for price, I'm sure traditional is cheaper...why would the new improved version be cheaper, besides the fact that there's no cost for general. I's definetly up to the person but I wouldn't put traditional down. Just my 2 cents...

<3 Shannon

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