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Hi Summer33

Thanks for the encouragement! I completely understand about trying to find a competent, affordable doctor. Keep in mind that out of state travel and lodging will add to your costs as well. Actually, Dr. Constantinides is less expensive than any of the doctors that I consulted with including Constantian. His consultation fee is $150.00 and that includes two appointments--encompassing physical examinations, photo-imaging and general discussions about your desired outcome, esthetics etc I strongly recommend that you meet with him. He's a great guy! You won't be balance billed for the consultation. He'll accept whatever the insurance pays as a fee.

I've heard Quatela is good for complex revisions. Toriumi has gotten a lot of mixed reviews and is consistently reported as an extremely poor communicator. Personally, I need to be able to talk to the person who is putting me to sleep and then cutting open my face. Call me crazy :). So many people are intimidated by Doctors and I'm not sure why that is, but the bottom line is they are providing a service for which they are being handsomely paid--end of story. Anyway, I digress. Give Dr. Constantinides office a call--I think you'll be pleased to meet him.


Hi AK47:

Thanks for the kind words re: my surgery. I'm continuing to accept prayers and good wishes from all corners. :) If memory serves you are the Tabbal patient, yes?! Are you unhappy with the result of your surgery or are you just looking for tweaking?
What specifically do you need done if you don't mind my asking?

To answer your question about Dr. Toriumi, I have thoughts but they are only based on what I've read on rhinoplasty4you and the revisionrhinoplasty boards. It seems that the doctor is quite skilled technically he's widely published (he's actually collaborated with Dr. Constantinides on a couple of papers) and he's at a very good teaching hospital but he seems to not excel at communication. A number of his patients seem to be unhappy because he quite obviously ignored their requests for specific changes. Now whether this was because he didn't agree with what they wanted and didn't tell them prior to surgery or didn't pay attention to what they said, I don't know. In any case, I remember reading one post where the young woman was actually pleading with him in the operating room to please do as she asked because he couldn't remember what she wanted. Not a position I would EVERR want to be in. He also seems to favor a certain style of nose for men (I don't know if you are male or female--I'm guessing male from the user name (whereas with someone like Dr. Constantinides each nose is treated as a unique case as it should be)

Personally, those factors combined would cause me to rule out someone like Dr. Toriumi. As you know this whole process is too time consuming and too expensive not to mention emotionally and physically draining not be on on the same page as your surgeon. Since you are seeking a revision I could extrapolate that you feel your goals were not achieved with your last surgery. Is it because your surgeon didn't really hear you? When I met with Dr. Tabbal it was clear that he had a very specific agenda for my nose which had nothing to do with what I wanted or thought would look good.

If I had selected him for surgery his plan was to have widened my nose and lower my bridge which not only would have made me look like a baboon but would have further weakened my nose structurally--something I could not afford to have happen!! It also would have flattened my nostrils making them more asymmetrical. When I questioned him about the logic, he refused to discuss it. DEAL BREAKER.

I don't know if you are located on the East Coast or not but especially if you are a revision patient you should also consider staying local because revisions require alot of follow-up appts. I have seen Dr. Constantinides 4 times since my surgery two and a half weeks ago and I will have check-ups every two weeks for a couple of months to make sure I am healing properly. As you can imagine if I had too travel out of state this process would quickly become a logistical and financial nightmare.

I didn't really provide much concrete info but for what it's worth I hope my opinion is helpful to you. A final note. Before I chose Dr. C I REALLY tried to find an unhappy patient of his and I couldn't. I spoke to three of his patients prior to my surgery and they all referred to him as the best doctor of any kind they had ever been to. All three of these patients were on their third rhino revisions. And all three had been disatisfied their their first two "highly regarded" surgeons.

So there you have it. Best of luck to you and let me know if you have any other questions.


Let me know if you have any other questions.


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