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I had a conversation today to schedule a consultation for a revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Constantian in New Hampshire and thought I would pass along some practical info that may be helpful to others who are considering a revision.

*His specialty is revision rhinoplasty with a focus on complex cases.
*His consulting fee is $350. If you have a nasal obstruction that affects your breathing you may be able to submit to your insurance company if your policy includes preferred providers
*His surgery fees range from $6000 to $11000
*During consultation he shows prospective patients before and after photos that relate in particular to your complaint.
*A week following consultation he provides what he calls a "blue sheet" which is a detailed analysis or your case written in lay terminology. The analysis contains a description of the problems, his recommendations and a percentage estimate of improvement; that is 10%, 20% 50% etc.
*Surgery is usually scheduled a month and a half after the consultation. He requests that all fees for his surgery be paid 4 weeks in advance of the surgery date.
*To give me an idea of the types of patients he typically treats, the nurse told me that he has a current patient who had 9 prior rhinoplasties with another doctor!! Her nose was virtually destroyed--she had no workable tissue, so he rebuilt her a brand new nose out of cartilage and skin grafts. The nurse said the patient is very happy, because she thought there was no hope.

I've read alot of Dr. C's papers and his Q&A's on his website and I'm very impressed with his extensive-state-of-the-art knowledge, his ability to clearly communicate and his compassion for the emotional vulnerability of his patients. After all messing with one's face is certainly not a trivial matter!

If I decide to go ahead with a revision (my first) to correct a blocked nasal passage and some asymmetry in my tip, my philosophy is to spend the money once with a tenured expert rather than try to cut costs with someone who doesn't specialize in revisions.

Again, I've yet to meet Dr. C (my consultation is at the end of August) and have no direct experience with his work. I just thought the info might be helpful to some on the East Coast.

To Summer 33 and Kewell:

I'm glad my post re: Dr. Constantian was helpful to you both. Unfortunately, I don't have any new information to report because I cancelled my consultation with him. I am actually having my revision surgery this Wednesday with a doctor in NYC by the name of Constantinides at NYU Medical center. I met with Dr. Constantinides before I was scheduled to meet with Dr. Constantian and was very impressed with his knowledge, level of professionalism and genuine caring so decided to save myself a trip and some cash by staying local. Also, realized that the back and forth for follow-up visits to New Hampshire would quickly turn into a logistical problem.

FYI: Dr. Minas Constantinides is the Director of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery at NYU. 85% of his practice is rhinoplasty. He has studied at Brown, Harvard, Columbia and NYU and did his plastic surgery residency with Dr. Adamson in Canada who is considered one of the best in the world. You've probably seen him mentioned on these boards but his name is often confused with Constantian.

I don't know how complex your cases are, but I will require a fair amount of tip grafting to correct a primary rhinoplasty that I had many years ago. I now have a severly deviated septum (almost no air flow through the left side) and a fair amount of tip and nostril asymmetry. :( My bridge is pretty much okay (thank goodness). I will be having an open procedure.
That doesn't thrill me, but it allows for the greatest amount of control and best outcome for tip work.

To provide you with a bit of perspective, I was extremely reluctant to even have another surgery, because I'm used to how my nose looks though it is far from perfect and--quite frankly who really wants to have surgery of any kind :). However, after meeting with Dr. C I was convinced that it was the right thing to do and that my nose will look better and function better. I've spoken to three of his former patients all of whom have had complex revisions and they are all extremely happy with his work. His results are very natural and he is very conservative so you won't wake up with any surprises as is so often reported on these rhino boards. He is so confident that he actually PROMISED me that I would be happy with my outcome. Believe me that is rare. When I met with a couple of other surgeons here in NYC whose names are always being bandied about as "the best" and "the top" ,I just wasn't impressed. Poor attitudes, poor communication and quite frankly unimpressive results.
One doctor actually told me that who couldn't predict my outcome--that it would depend on whether or not he was lucky that day. WHAT-EV-ER!! Talk to the hand!!

I've really looked around and I could not find one negative post about him anywhere. Nothing but good things!!

Also, another important factor, Dr. Constantinides will work with your insurance company to get as much
of your surgery as possible covered--hospital, anaesthesia etc and his portion if it can be shown to be a medical necessity. His office billed the consultation fee directly through to my insurance and took whatever they covered as payment.

Well, hope that helps. Wish me luck with nose Version 2.1!


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