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Please!!!! I need help from everybody!!! I need to make a decision, I'm between choosing Dr. Glenn Jelks or Dr. Mark Codner, the problem is that I had a blepharoplasty, but the surgeon left my lower eyelids pull down, with a sad expression and a had a horrible scar on the edge of the eyelid, a mess!! so I need to find someone really really good at it to fix what this stupid doctor did, the problem is that I dont live in US, so I have to schedule my surgery before I get to know the doctor, thats why I really need your advice, Thank you all!!!

I a 36 year old guy working as a journalist on New York television.

I had a laser lower bleph done 8 years ago in Los Angeles by Dr. Abergel, who did an amazing job. I was back at work in 2 days!

After 8 years, I saw a good deal of bulge at the outer corners of my upper and lower lids, and carefully researched my options in surgery and surgeons here in the NYC area.

Many of my colleagues recommended a number of surgeons, and the short list included many of the doctors mentioned on this board.

After 3 consultations, and checking over the list of the best doctors offered by New York Magazine, I chose Dr, Glenn Jelks for my surgery, as he is cross trained as an eye surgeon and has a sterling reputation for his cosmetic procedures.

The office staff, which includes Dr. Jelks' wife, an accomplished surgeon in her own right, were informative and incredibly "human". I saw the Doctor and explained my concerns about this type of surgery resulting in eyes that look too feminine; my example was Michael Douglas. Dr. Jelks explained my options and said my expectations were realistic and we could expect good results. We booked surgery for the following week.

The surgery went so smoothly, the sedation was wonderful with no after effects, and the after care included 2 types of alternative healing meds that seem to be working very well to speed my recovery.

It has be 4 days since the surgery, and i will have sutures removed in two days. Although the lids are still swollen and my skin is bruised a bright lemon yellow mixed with purple, the result looks quite amazing.

I am pleased by the care, the wisdom, and the skill Dr. Jelks and his team have shown me throughout this process, and would highly recommend him to anyone needing "camera perfect" results.

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