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You said your fat lasted 2 years so far, that's great. Can I ask who did it, where on your face it was done, and how many sessions did you have to get the results you wanted? I had f/g done recently w/ Donofrio but still need a little more. I'm only 27 but my face thinned out in the last few months. How old are you BTW? Thanks for your help. :wave:

[QUOTE=Summer125]I had fat injections done to my entire face and it looks wonderful. I had much better results than I expected because I did get some lifting from the fat in the cheekbone area and sides of the face. It took 10 yrs off my face. It got rid of the wrinkles in my cheeks and under my eyes when I smile. I love it. I had it done more than 2 yrs ago and it still looks the same. My doctor used fresh fat at the first visit and then frozen fat after that.[/QUOTE]

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