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I had a microdermabrasion which has no down time though you're red for about 24 hours.
It didn't do much for my skin though and was no big difference. Didn't get rid of fine lines or anything....
It was more like a deep exfoliation.
So, this procedure wouldn't do anything for the scars.
If you have pitted scars then you might have to go with a medium or deep peel. With those though there will be a lot of down time but they are the only ones really worth spending the money on for deeper scars and pigment problems because they are the only types that will do anything for you.
Obagi Blue peel is a medium peel and from what I've read is pretty good.
A TCA peel can be adjusted to a medium or deep peel and will have the most dramatic results. There is also, a glycolic peel which can be adjusted as well from a light or medium peel. The light peel is pointless and pretty much does nothing, no dramatic difference in smoothing skin texture out, correcting pigmentation so, you would want to go with a medium.
Depending on how bad your skin is you might have to get more than one peel with the chemical peels to get the desired results which later ends up with more down time. The other option is laser. You can have very good results with light to medium laser skin resurfacing. It can be adjusted as they go for the really bad areas of your skin to be done in medium depth just on those areas and light on the others where less is needed.
I guess it really depends on what results you want and what your expectations are.
With little or no down time you're limited to the lighter peels that wont do much for even a person with good skin. They are more of a refresher, exfoliator. In the end if you want really good results then more down time will be worth it. With the medium peels you would probably need around a week and then you could go back to work but you would still be healing, flaking and a little red.
With the deeper peels & laser you would need around 2 weeks to heal before going back to work and would still be healing then for up to one month total.
What ever you do get done just make sure not to pick at the flaking skin because it will cause more scars.
You can see a couple of skin doctors and see what procedure they say you would need for your desired results.
Good luck!

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