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I agree with jennifer_row about the healing and swelling...

Here is the story with alcohol... if you drink alcohol it does take longer for the swelling to go down... but it doesn't effect healing in general... my plastic surgeon said i could have a drink or two each day the week after the rhino surgery if that will help me calm down...which it WILL... trust me... HOWEVER... No smoking ANYTHING the first couple months after surgery if you want to heal right! :(
i had my surgery recently- 03/28/06. i was freeked out about so many things both prior and what would happen after surgery.all i can say is i am having a great recovery, needless to say i had a great doctor( david A Hidalgo- NYC)- at first i thought he as a bit pricey, but now i feel like he was worth every penny(have you ever heard the saying you get what you pay for.keep that in mind when looking for a doctor) to share a bit of my experience with you - i quit smoking(for good) two months prior op, was advised to stop drinking one week before, which i did, although that was tough on me, as i am a drinker. i was put on meds arnica and bromelain one week before - they are natural antibiotics which help with counter acting bruising and swelling. still on the meds. and loving the results.i have experienced no pain and no nausea. i still can not believe what a nothing operation it was. and just to think of how scared i was, i had absolutely nothing to worry about. my cast comes off monday, and i cannot wait.goodluck :wave:

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