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I've had three nose surgeries with three differrent surgeons and three bad outcomes. The bridge of my nose was a bit flat (I am asian), so I needed an implant. The first surgeon put a silicone implant, and it resulted with an off centered nose (the tip of the implant pointed to one side and the end pointed to the other) and an underprofected tip. The second surgeon removed the implant and replaced it with cartillage from my ear. The result: overprojected tip, flared out nostrils (like pig noses), asymetrical bridge (one side is wider than the other) and the bridge looked as if it was parallel to my face (the end and the tip were almost at the same height); and there was a bump on one side of the nose (he told me that it was a "loose cartillage"); and my ears were uneven (one sticked out more than the other) because he took cartillage from the top of only one ear.

I was so disgusted, and after looking of my own pictures in the past, I realized that my original nose was so much better than any of the two surgeries. So I asked a third doctor to just remove the implant and be done with it (I would not let the previous ones touch my nose again). When I woke up from the procedure, he told me that he had to put "medpore" implant in because the second surgeon had removed bone from the bridge of my nose to put the cartillage on, so if he didn't do that, I would have had "no nose". And he assured me that "medpore" implant is better than silicone because it's softer and has pores so that the scar tissues would fill in the pores and help stabilize the implant. There's some truth to that (I read articles on medpores).

the currrent nose looks like a triangular blob in the middle of my face, the bridge looks as if someone has tried to flatten it by smashing it, and the nostrils flared out even more than before. the only good thing is that from profile, it looks pretty nice, the nose gently curves from the area between the eyes to the tip, unlike the two previous ones.

I am not happy with it, but the doctor said because the scar tissues had filled in the pores and looped around the implant, so he said it was very difficult to remove. If I am unhappy with the result, he would "rash" (?) it off with a surgery knife, so I should better learn to "live with it".

I went to a fourth doctor this week. He didn't think removing it would be a problem, and he promised to do some revision. So I am concerned whether or not he understood the problem of medpores. I asked him if he had removed medpore implant before, he said he did, but I had a feeling he wasn't truthful (I looked in his eyes when he gave me the answer). I am still nervous though I have scheduled for a surgery next month with him (moronic me?). He seems experienced as a rhinoplasty revision physician (or so his website says), and he quoted the price more than twice any of my previous surgeons did (13K as opposed to 5K). But higher price doesn't mean better result, right?

I waited from four to six years for each of the procedures, so we are talking 15 years of bad noses here.

I sometimes wish I had never started it.

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